Prices and  Fees

 Our photography services include access to an online gallery, professional retouching and artistic effects.Below is an overview of our standard fees. For more information please contact David at Hasty Photography.

 Session Fees: Personal, Family, Children& Business

  On site session:    $40.00  Half Hr-   $70.00 Full Hr. 


4x6                                                           $4.00

5x7                                                            $6.00 

8x10                                                         $9.50

11x14                                                       $14.50  

16x20                                                       $26.50

18x24                                                       $33.00   

 The pricing list above is for potraits, weddings and personal photographs only. All prints are on the highest of quality " Premium Archival" paper, matte finish. See individual pricing for nature and landscape prints in our nature/landscape price guide.   


We customize a wedding package to your needs. There isnt a minimum/maximum amount of photographs any any additional charges. On average one photographer shoots 500 to 550 pictures for wedding and reception. If two photographers are employed 1000 photographs are for your viewing. 

    Option #1

 We photograph your complete wedding and reception. Rehearsal dinners are excluded but available at an additional fee. We do all the editing work and make copies on cd's or flash drive ( your preference) You have the prints done at a place of your own choosing. I offer that as a first option for those on a budget.  Our pricing is $650.00 and can be negotiated.

    Option #2

We photograph your complete wedding and reception. As above rehearsal dinners are additional. I prefer not doing package deals, It gives clients more flexibility in choosing prints without the constraints. Instead I use the "prints" price guide shown above.  The cost of $650.00 is the same and if you choose to have us do the printing all print prices are added to this base cost. Example: $650.00 base with (2 ) 8x10s would be $669.00. Our prints are out of house and at the highest quality. Pricing cannot be negotiated with option #2.  Our service is prompt and ready at your every need. There is'nt any time constraints. we're there from start to finish ever how longyou need us.  I hope you will consider us for your special day whether it be a wedding or special family event.





Phone: 314/210-5065


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