From a formal garden to a woodland. Some things in nature are obvious to us, some are not. It is only under close examination that we see the small details of a whole different world. Plants and insects among us.

Prints and cards available for all photographs shown.

Water Lillies on pond Titled: " Water Lillies "
Missouri Botanicals Titled: " Botanical Visitor"
Titled: " My Passionate Friend"
Titled: " Sentimental Lady "
Titled: Summer Gardens"
Titled: " Among The Ruin"
Titled: " Open Meadows"
Titled: " Stone Beauty"
Titled: " Awaiting Spring"
Titled: " Morning Delights"
Titled: " Monochrome's Love"
Titled: " Morning Awakening "
Titled: " Childs Play"
Titled: " Morning Rain"
Titled: " Textures "
Titled: " Colors Of Fall"
Titled: " Among The Ruins"



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